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The Ludlam Trail Neighborhood Association (LTNA) is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation formed in December 2014 by homeowners living near the Ludlam Trail Corridor.

What is a "Neighborhood Association"?
A neighborhood association is not a Homeowners Association (HOA).
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  • A Neighborhood Association does not make rules or regulations.
  • Membership is voluntary.
  • The purpose is to unite homeowners with common goals to communicate with elected officials and help them resolve our concerns.
  • At the moment, our main concern is the fate of the Ludlam Trail Corridor.

Who is the LTNA?
The borders of the LTNA are

  • SW 67th Avenue (east)
  • SW 72nd Avenue (west)
  • SW 40th Street (north)
  • SW 80th Street (south)
All homeowners living within these boundaries are welcome and invited to join the LTNA.

The founding members (and current Board of Directors) of the LTNA are

  • Richard Formoso (President)
  • Lisa Vale (Vice President)
  • Carolyn Ramsey (Treasurer)
  • Dana Krempels (Secretary)
  • Lenora Bach (Director)
  • Steve Johnson (Director)

We will notify neighbors within the LTNA boundaries of general membership meetings, at which everyone may bring up new ideas, voice concerns, and vote on how they wish the Board to represent the LTNA's views to our elected officials.

The Ludlam Trail Neighborhood Association is on record with Miami-Dade County and with the County Commission, and we are in constant contact with our elected officials as plans for the Ludlam Trail develop.

Why Should I Care about Ludlam Trail?
When the owners of the Ludlam Trail property (Florida East Coast Industries (FECI)) proposed to build homes and commercial structures on the Ludlam Trail running from Miami International Airport southward to Dadeland, the LTNA was formed by neighbors in District 7. The LTNA aligned its efforts with other groups, such as Friends of the Ludlam Trail to preserve as much of the land as possible to be green space for future generations to enjoy. We support restoring the land to a native Pine Rockland Preserve and Nature Trail.

Over the summer of 2015, FECI submitted a revised plan (via Miami Dade County) that specifies green space along the Trail from SW 80th street northward to SW 48th Street. (Negotiations regarding plans for property north of SW 48th Street are ongoing.) Since Spring 2015, FECI has been working with Miami-Dade County, neighbors and friends of the Trail to devise a plan that will be positive for all involved.

LTNA and the Future
In the future, LTNA will tackle such common interest items in our neighborhood as traffic, crime watch, and any other issues that might concern LTNA homeowners.

LTNA members will shape the goals of the LTNA.

Join the LTNA: Let Your Voice Be Heard
Please print and mail this membership application today.

The $35 annual membership fee (per household) helps offset costs of communicating with you and with elected officials via web sites, flyers, mailings, signs, and other items that, unfortunately, are not free.

We who already have joined LTNA feel it's a small and very worthwhile investment to help protect our property values and quality of life.

Please join us!

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