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The Ludlam Trail Neighborhood Association is a not-for-profit organization consisting of volunteer homeowners residing adjacent to and around the Ludlam Trail Corridor area.

The Association is dedicated to the safety and quality of life of the residents and to the preservation of the character of the Ludlam Trail Neighborhood.

Our neighborhood association will give residents a forum to discuss common concerns (such as the proposed Ludlam Trail Linear Park) and to brainstorm possible solutions.

Our neighborhood will work on a variety of projects including: proposed bike paths, sidewalks, traffic calming, parks and open spaces, zoning and land-use planning, park amenities, beautification projects and neighborhood clean-ups.

Our neighborhood association will give citizens a voice. We will have a clear, organized way to speak to government so that your voice will be heard by elected officials and city departments.

Our neighborhood is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, District 7, between SW 80th Street (south) and Bird Road (north), SW 67th Avenue (east), and SW 72nd Avenue (west).

The Ludlam Trail Neighborhood Association represents action. Our strength is our membership. If you support our projects, would like to start a project of your own, or feel that you benefit from our efforts, please join us.

Send in your membership application and join us
to protect the future of The Ludlam Trail Neighborhood

We welcome suggestions, We welcome change.
We welcome you!

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